WULKAN SA uses the following technologies:
- metal – cupola process,
- flaskless (high pressure) vertical molding using DISA technology,
- cores – hot-box process, mainly shell cores,
- automated fettling in shotblasting machines;
- grinding with the use of automatic “Fenix” CNC grinding machines,
- machining: turning, milling, CNC drilling,
- robotic production center combining grinding with machining.

Melting Plant

Two cupolas with a diameter of 700 mm with heated blast and a dry dedusting installation are used to melt cast iron. The cupola furnaces are equipped with control and measurement equipment, enabling the continuous cupola’s process control. Furnace loading is fully automated - the materials are carried out by the conveyors and vibrating chutes and the station is equipped with a trolley with a scale ensuring precise, automatic weighing of input materials.

Preparation of molding sand

Molding sand is manufactured using a fully automated sand processing station. It operates on the basis of the MPO90 side mixer and a Sensor Control system to steer the parameters of the sand such as humidity, strength or permeability.

Forming, pouring, removing, cleaning, core shop

Molding takes place on two lines: DISA 2110 Mk3 and DISA D1 equipped with  two rotary drums for knocking castings out of the mold.   
The mold filling process is carried out by using a system of gutters with gravitational flow and stopper filler tanks – invented by Wulkan.   
The mold filling process and modifier dosing are automatically controlled using cameras system.  Cleaning of castings in an automated shot blasting machines center was coupled with the line for knocking castings out of the mold through a set of conveyors. Cores are manufactured using the hot-core-box method.


A large part - over 60% - of castings produced by WULKAN SA are subject to on-site machining - turning, milling, drilling and threading. We have a modern CNC machines and robots park. Robotization is widely used in the machining process in order to achieve the efficiency and accuracy of production processes.
The machining department is equipped with:
- 4 robotic production centers in which grinding of the casting is combined with machining,
- 9 Fanuc robots to operate robotic machining centers,
- 9 CNC grinding machines for grinding castings (mostly "Fenix" company-owned),
- 3 specialized double-spindle turning centers for machining ring-type castings,
- a specialized machine for machining the bodies of circulation pumps,
- 2 CNC drilling and milling centers with an exchangeable table,
- 5 CNC drilling and milling centers,
- 20 CNC turning machines,
- 2 presses for briquetting cast iron chips from the machining process.

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