Environmental Protection

We are located in the city ​​center, close to a residential area. The environment is very important to us. We have taken the necessary precautions to minimize the foundry’s effects on the immediate vicinity as well as the natural environment surrounding our city and region.

We have dust removal installations that eliminate the foundry’s harmful effects on atmospheric air:

  • Dust removal from batteries of two cupolas using the dry method 
  • Dust removal from the molding production line using the dry method  
  • Dust removal from drums used for knocking castings out
  • Dust removal from sand processing      
  • Dust removal from grinding and processing      

Dust removal efficiency is 99.9%.

The plant achieves parameters in compliance with the standards in force in the European Union, both in terms of dust emissions and gaseous substances (CO, NOx, SO2). In addition to measures to protect the air, our environmental efforts are also focused on other aspects of plant operations:

  • Waste management,
  • Water and sewage management,
  • Electricity consumption,
  • Noise emission.

WULKAN SA has received a number of awards that confirm that one of our top priorities is environmental protection.

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